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Make an Appointment - Sally Forrest (Arts, Engineering & Technology)

Hi, my name is Sally, and I'm the Academic Librarian here at the University of Derby for the College of Engineering & Technology, and the School of Arts.

This means that I'm the main contact in the Library for help and support with research and using library resources for students studying on College programmes .   

If you'd like to make an appointment to see me, here's what you need to know:

• You can book up to two months in advance (depending on availability) - during the induction period my availability may be limited.

If there are no appointments showing up for the next two months that means that I am fully booked and have no availability. 

• Please try to arrive on time.

• If you cannot attend the appointment, please cancel it via the link in your confirmation email as soon as possible in order to free that time-slot up for another user. (So hang on to the appointment confirmation email as you may need it later)

• Let me know what kind of help you want, there is a box to give more detail on the form.

•If you need help with academic writing, critical reading etc. please make an appointment with the Study Skills team - I will send your booking request on to the Skills Team if you ask for academic skills help from me and that can build in a delay for you to get in to see someone.

• If you are coming for a face to face appointment and there is more than one of you, please let me know in advance as I will need to book a room

Be aware that I work at two different sites (usually Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at BM; Wednesdays and Fridays at KR)

If I am not available at a particular site on the day you want, please look at my availability at the other site (bearing in mind the location information above) or choose an online appointment instead. When you are looking at the booking form there will also be the option to book a telephone appointment by selecting the relevant radio button.

Please bear in mind that during September and October my calendar will be mostly full of group bookings so you may not be able to get an appointment straight away.

If you are a new student, have a look at the Library Guide for New Students as this holds some instructional videos which may answer your question(s).

If you are a returning student, have a look at the Library Resources Help tab on your Library Subject Guide as this holds some instructional videos and printable / saveable guides which may answer your question(s).


Sally Forrest (Arts, Engineering & Technology) is available at multiple locations.

Select the location where you would like to book an appointment.