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Open Access Week 2023 - Open Science for Enabling Reproducible, Ethical and Community-driven Research

Open Access Week 2023 - Open Science for Enabling Reproducible, Ethical and Community-driven Research Online

Join the University of Derby and the University of Essex as we celebrate Open Access Week 2023! 


Open Science for Enabling Reproducible, Ethical and Collaborative Research: Insights from The Turing Way


In this talk, we are joined by Dr. Malvika Sharan, senior researcher and co-lead of The Turing Way project at The Alan Turing Institute. Malvika will discuss Open Science as a framework to ensure that all research components can be easily accessed, openly examined and built upon by others. She will introduce The Turing Way - an open source, open collaboration and community-driven guide to reproducible, ethical and inclusive data science and research. Drawing insights from the project, Malvika will share best practices that researchers should integrate to ensure the highest reproducible and ethical standards from the start of their projects so that their research work is easy to reuse and reproduce at all stages of the development. All attendees will leave the talk understanding the many dimensions of openness and how they can participate in an inclusive, kind and inspiring open source ecosystem as they collaboratively seek to improve research culture. All questions and contributions are welcome at the GitHub repository: https://github.com/alan-turing-institute/the-turing-way.

As researchers, we make complex choices around project design and decisions throughout the lifecycle of our research. We are expected to ensure that our research objects are easily accessed, openly examined and built upon by others in future work. Although open and transparent reporting helps to make sure that scientific work can be trusted, we must also integrate considerations of the societal and ethical implications of our work. Especially when these considerations impact people's lives. Furthermore, reproducibility alongside Open Research practices are important for enabling independent verification of research methods, underlying data, analysis code and workflows. All these require understanding of research best practices and skills that are often not widely taught or explored among academic researchers. 


Presenter Biography

Malvika Sharan is a senior researcher and co-lead of The Turing Way project at The Alan Turing Institute which is an open source community and guide for reproducible and collaborative data science. She involves and supports a diverse community of contributors - helping them adopt best practices in their research and collaborate within The Turing Way. She is a co-founder of Open Life Science, a mentoring and training programme that empowers researchers to integrate open science in the context of their communities. She is a Software Sustainability Institute fellow, Society of RSE trustee, and an active contributor to open source community initiatives including Code for Science and Society, NASA-TOPS,The Carpentries and MetaDocencia. She works towards enabling collaborative development approaches, embedding inclusive practices and supporting projects to enhance the diversity of marginalised members in research leadership.

The event is open to everyone, and attendees are encouraged to sign up to learn more about the Turing Way and engage in the discussion! The Turing Way! For more information about Open Access and Open Research, please see the University of Derby's Open Research SharePoint pages and the Library's information on Open Research at the University of Essex. 



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Wednesday, October 25, 2023
10:00am - 11:00am
Time Zone:
UK, Ireland, Lisbon Time (change)
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